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Presentation Guidelines

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  1. Presentations must be prepared and delivered in English.
  2. Presenters should be in smart casual and are expected to arrive at their presentation venue at least 15 minutes in advance of their designated session. Information on venues and sessions of presentations can be found at conference website and in the program booklet once it’s ready.
  3. The time allowed for oral presentation (3-4 presentations per track) is 15 minutes followed by 5-minute questions and answers (Q & A) session. Session Chair will give presenter a reminder right after 13 minutes and a warning after 14 minutes so that presenter will have one to two minutes to wrap up. The Session Chair can adjust presentation longer if there are 3 presentations per track. Unless otherwise agreed upon with the Session Chair for longer presentation, presenter will not be able to extend the presentation time of 20 minutes in total, even if the presenter has technical problems during the presentation.
  4. Presenters must be knowledgeable about their research project and answer questions during Q & A session of their presentation. The presentation must cover the same subject / material as reported in the accepted paper. The venue for oral presentations will be equipped and supported with the following:
    • Projector and screen;
    • Computers operating in Windows 10 / 11 with Microsoft PowerPoint 2021 (or more advanced version). MacBook will not be available;
    • Microphone.
  5. If you will use your own laptop (e.g. Macbook), please bring your own adaptor and allow sufficient time for setup.
  6. Presentations may only be given in Microsoft PowerPoint / Adobe Acrobat Reader. No other audio / visual medium (e.g., slide, video, or overhead) or software is allowed. Although free Wi-Fi connection is available at the conference venue, presenters are strongly advised against relying on an internet connection for their presentations since presenters may not be able to reliably connect to the website of interest. It is the presenters’ responsibility to make sure that their presentations will run smoothly. Troubleshooting often eats into presentation time.
  7. To avoid conflicts and ensure your presentation performs properly, you are urged to follow the guidance below:
    • Create or save your presentation file in Microsoft PowerPoint / PDF format and prepare your presentation as a single Microsoft PowerPoint / PDF document.
    • Arrive at the presentation venue 15 minutes prior to your designated session and load your file to the session laptop by using USB drive; however, you should bear the risk of any technical problem.
    • Properly name your presentation file with the label of “Session No. - Track No._Last Name of Presenter”. Updates to your presentation may be made after the file has been uploaded. Kindly include the word “update” in the updated file name as “Session No. - Track No._Last Name of Presenter_Update”, and notify your Session Chair.